Painting class

Cooking class

Taekwondo class

K-pop class


Min-Hwa is used by colors of natural minerals, reflecting the fun and charm of the East. In Min-Hwa class, students learn the traditional techniques of folk painting that control colors by concentration of water and express colors based on simple story patterns.


Han-Sik, Korean cuisine is well known for its healthy and balanced food, full of flavor. Teaches how to make easy, simple, and healthy Korean food and gives tips on where to find the perfect ingredients.


Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art form with a history that goes back thousands of years. Taekwondo is an empty- hand form of exercise that is both physical and mental and entails the use of the hands, the feet, and the entire body. Taekwondo became an official Olympic sport at the Sydney Olympics 2000.


K-pop, a term for Korean popular music, is a popular genre of music originating from South Korean as part of South Korean culture. It includes many different musical stylings and genres, choreographies, and unique fashion styles.