Youn jeong CHOI


Younjeong Choi is running her own CHOIRIGINE (, a
Ghent-based food consultancy platform and transmits her culinary vibes through various workshops at the Korean Cultural Center, King Sejong Institute Brussels and prominent Belgian organizations. Thanks to her unique and creative skills, she obtained the ‘Korean Cooking Craftsman Certificate. Younjeong was also selected by the Korean government to take part in special programs of Fermented Food Specialization as well as a Korean food Culinary Instructor for foreigners. Her knowledge was perfected at ‘Korean Royal Cuisine Institute’ & ‘School for Buddhist Temple Food in Seoul.’ By attending various gastronomy courses at Hotel & Tourism School Spermalie in Bruges, she will receive a title of ‘Chef’ in 2023.


 Yun LEE


Yun Lee was born in South Korea and studied in South Korea, the USA and Belgium.  She is the owner of “Yun’s Kitchen” in Meise where she has given Korean Cooking workshops and Korean food catering service since 2016.  She is also a Korean cooking instructor at Korean Cultural Center in Brussels and King Sejong Institute Brussels.  She completed cooking courses at a professional cooking school in Gent, Belgium in 2013 and finished the Korean Royal Cuisine course and the Korean Royal dessert course in Seoul, Korea in 2019.



Hee Jin KIM

English / Français

Hee-jin is a Korean and majored in Art at a university in Korea. She has been drawing Minhwa for years. Using experienced teaching methods, she can easily explain and have fun with folk tales.Minhwa is used by colors of natural minerals, reflecting the fun and charm of the East. In Minhwa class, students will learn the traditional techniques of folk painting that control colors by concentration of water and express colors based on simple story patterns. We also make household goods with folk paintings and hold exhibitions to make you feel friendly.



Yong Rae PARK

English / Français

“Cultivating Integrity (Righteousness) and Patience”, or Jung Jin, as symbolized by the Korean ASBL pin, is the beginning of the taekwondo story of Master Yongnae Park , Belgium. With his wife Aurore, since 2013, he has created a non-profit organization that aims to carry the 5 pillars of taekwondo, this Korean martial art. Today, the Jung Jin taekwondo family has grown, and courses are held in Brussels (Woluwé-St-Lambert), Waterloo and Rhodes-Saint-Genèse.