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The King Sejong Institute Foundation supports the operation of 234 King Sejong Institutes in 82 countries worldwide. As a part of Korean language education programs, a standard Korean language curriculum and educational textbooks & materials are developed and distributed by the King Sejong Institute Foundation. Nuri-Sejong Hakdang, an online learning platform, is in charge of spreading Korean language learning apps. Continuous training courses & seminars are regularly organized to improve teaching methods and skills of Korean language teachers and cultural lectures on different subjects are designed to offer a unique Korean culture experience for locals.

KOCEABE.asbl; King Sejong Institute Brussels has partnerships with Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, (a sister city of Gangnam-gu in Seoul), EPFC (Enseignement de Promotion et de Formation Continue de l’ULB et de la CCIB), CLL Language Center and Federation Wallonia-Brussels Education (OLC program). Professional Korean language teachers run systematic Korean courses with standardized Korean textbooks & up-to-date materials. In addition, culture classes by Korean chefs & cultural artists and various cultural events take place all year around.


Certification of King Sejong Institute
: To obtain a Korean visa, applicants can prove their language eligibility by KSIB certification
1) Students (D-2)
2) Industrial trainee (D-3)
3) Overseas Koreans (F-4)
4) Working visit (H-2)
5) General trainee (D-4-6)
6) Marriage to Korean citizen (F-6)

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The Nuri-King Sejong Institute is a remote education system designed for users who are learning or teaching Korean. The website of the Nuri-King Sejong Institute ( provides comprehensive information on Korean culture and education. This program allows Korean language learners to study Korean using Sejong Korean at any time and any place. In addition, as the lectures are provided in various languages, Korean language learners can independently prepare for or review each class

King Sejong Institute Foundation

King Sejong Institute Foundation is a public institution under the influence of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, established to manage Korean language education abroad and the distribution of Korean culture. It introduces Korean and Korean culture to foreigners and is working to make their interests in Korea develop into their better understandings and love for Korea. It focuses on Improving the quality of education by strengthening the teaching capabilities of King Sejong Institute Expanding the functions of King Sejong Institute as a global cultural distribution base and platform and achieving justification and consensus for the institute’s Korean language and culture promotion projects in terms of overseas social value expansion.